The Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) Anesthesia Oral Board Review

What makes this course worth your time, money, and effort? The RWJMS Anesthesia Oral Board Review Course is conveniently located in New Brunswick New Jersey, and is a great alternative or addition to other Review Courses. Our course is run by Board-certified Faculty at RWJMS, and is different from other courses in that it is a smaller, and more intimate and personalized type of course.

If you have passed the written part of the Boards, you have all the knowledge that you need to pass the Oral Exam. What many examinees lack are verbal presentation skills, mental organization, and effective test-taking strategies. Our Course is specifically designed to help you in these areas. We won’t teach you anesthesia. You know that already. We will teach you how to organize and access the information that you already possess, so that you can effectively present your knowledge and wisdom when you are tested at the Oral Boards.

Our course will be formatted into a morning and afternoon session. The morning will consist of lectures with audience participation. The morning sessions will focus on test-taking strategies and will review how to organize your responses for the most commonly tested clinical scenarios, including airway and hemodynamic lability management. The afternoon session will start with a Group Mock Oral Examination session, during which a practice exam will be presented to the entire group. The audience will participate in the examination. But there will be an additional twist- a Course Faculty member will provide the “correct and concise” response to each question posed to the group. After the Group Mock Exam session, the group will divide into small Mock Oral Exam groups of participants. There will be 4 of these hour-long sessions, so that each participant will have an opportunity to be on the hot seat, but just as importantly, will get to observe others being tested and will learn from this as well. Those wishing to participate in strictly one-on-one sessions will be given the opportunity to do so, for an additional fee.

Our course is run by Drs Solina and Ginsberg, both whom have been at the medical school for over 16 years. Dr. Solina is an Internist and Anesthesiologist who is also Board-certified in Perioperative TEE. He is Professor, Vice Chairman, and Chief of the Division of Cardiac Anesthesia. Dr. Ginsberg is an Associate Professor of Anesthesia and is a Cardiac Anesthesiologist.

The rest of the faculty are Board-certified faculty at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. They have been especially selected for this course because they have demonstrated superior teaching skills at our medical school. We will also have Guest Faculty that are well known within the anesthesia community