Anesthesia Oral Board Review Course

If you are intimidated by the oral boards you are not alone. People fear the unknown, and many fear the exam because they are not sure what to expect. Will you know the answer to your question? What will be the first thing you say? Will you talk too much, or too little? How will you feel if you get cut off in mid-sentence; and, more importantly, will you be able to continue in an organized manner?

There are a few courses on the open market, but none offer the caliber of experts in our program. Each mock-oral examiner and lecturer has between 5 and 20 years of experience in the field of anesthesia. They are Professors and Associate Professors in Cardiac, Neuro, Obstetric, Vascular and Regional anesthesia, and work at the most prestigious hospitals on the East Coast.

We have been giving mock orals for the last 15 years with our program, and have close to a 100% pass rate on the first try. Our team knows what you need to know to get through the exam. We have broken the course down into the key elements that appear on every exam. This is the knowledge portion of your exam. We will drill you with mock oral exams, highlighting both your strengths and weaknesses, giving you the confidence that you need to pass. Through repetition in our small group sessions you will learn how to organize your thoughts and present them in a concise manner that does not seem rehearsed.

The program is held at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, UMDNJ, in our spacious conference center. We give the oral board review course over the weekend. The course consists of a lecture series followed by small group sessions of mock oral exams. You will take the exam yourself and get to see your peers take the exam before you. You will have the opportunity to answer the stem questions and the rapid-fire grab-bag questions that appears at the end of each exam. When you finish our course you will have practiced the most common scenarios the examiners will most likely ask you during your real exam.

Why take the chance when we can take the chance out of the equation? You will leave our program smarter, more confident and more organized. Most importantly, you will feel more at ease and ready to pass.


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